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What to do when you drop something down the drain

What to do when you drop something down the drain

From dropping your ring down the plughole when washing up, to losing your child’s favourite toy down a drain in the street, accidents happen to all of us. Whilst it may seem tempting to immediately try and fish the item back out yourself, it’s important to take the correct course of action to help retrieve your belongings safely.

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This article will explain what to do when you drop something down the drain, so you can rescue your items as quickly as possible.


How to retrieve an item from your sink drain

Some small items – such as jewellery or screws – which are dropped down the plughole in your sink at home can be retrieved using a magnet attached to a piece of string. Whilst this can prove successful for some, it does not always work and can be a rather fiddly task.

In cases where this method does not work, the only option is to dismantle the pipework to recover the items. Whilst this may seem like a simple task, the following steps must be adhered to, so the risk of damage to your sink and valuables is reduced:

  • Before

– Prior to carrying out any work, you must first clear any obstructing items from underneath your sink and remember to turn off the water to avoid the risk of flooding.

– To prepare yourself for the job, make sure you have pliers, a bucket and rubber gloves within easy reach.

  • During

– When disassembling your pipework to retrieve the lost items, start by locating the u-bend below the sink (as this is where your item is most likely to be stuck) and remove the nuts which hold this part in place using the pair of pliers.

– Empty any sludge from inside the pipework using your bucket and rubber gloves, and start digging to find your item!

  • After

– Once you have found what you are looking for, reattach the u-bend so it’s back in its original position and fix it in place by securely tightening the nuts.

– At this point, it’s also recommended that you run the tap to check for any leaking water. If there is, you may need to seek help from a plumbing professional.


How to retrieve an item from a street drain

Whilst retrieving items lost down the sink in your home is a relatively straightforward task, finding belongings dropped down street drains can prove more challenging. Many are unsure as to who holds responsibility for different types of drains if there are blockages or lost belongings.

Rather than diving into the sewers in a bid to rescue your credit card or treasured iPhone yourself, you should be aware that street drains are part of the public sewer systems and, as such, the responsibility lies with the local council or water authority to retrieve any lost items. It’s worth noting that they will usually charge for this service, and prices can vary depending on your area.


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