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Top 5 Causes of Blocked Drains

Top 5 Causes of Blocked Drains

Experiencing blocked drains is a common problem faced by most home owners and it can be an expensive and time-consuming issue to fix if not addressed correctly.

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This article will serve to identify the main causes of blocked drains so you will know what to look out for and can put the necessary preventative measures in place to ensure the property remains in top working order and the replacement costs are kept to a minimum.


1. Grease and Fat

Despite being one of the most common causes of blocked drains, used cooking grease and fat are also the easiest to prevent. Fatty substances are known for their sticky properties, so when washed down the sinks they will automatically attach to the inside of the pipes, gradually clogging the drains so much that no liquid can pass through.

To prevent this, simply keep a watchful eye over the liquids you choose to wash away down the drain to avoid any chance of a blockage.


2. Hair

Although it may seem too delicate to cause any major blockages, the build-up of hair down a plug can stop water passing through it altogether and, in turn, can create a large problem for homeowners.

There are a comprehensive range of products available on the market which will catch hair before it can go down the plug hole, but to completely avoid any blockages, it is recommended that you regularly check for an accumulation of hair in and around your plughole.


3. Foreign objects

Initially, foreign objects may not completely block the drain, but over time a collection of materials will clog up the drain and prevent water from flowing freely.

A build-up of foreign objects such as soaps, nappies and sanitary items can create serious blocked drainage problems so it is essential to pay close attention to what is put down your toilet; and keep an eye out for any missing kids’ toys as these can sometimes end up being accidentally flushed too!


4. Toiletries

Baby items and toilet paper are two foreign objects most commonly known to block drains. Although toilet paper is designed to be flushed down the drain, it is important not to do so in excessive amounts. The pieces of paper can stick together and can easily become attached onto anything inside the drainpipe causing an obstruction.

In addition to this, baby items such as wipes and nappies are not designed to be put down toilets. Baby wipes do not disperse in water like toilet paper does, so there is a significantly higher chance that the material will snag on obstacles inside the drain pipes leading to a blockage.

Nappies work by retaining the water and increasing in size as it holds more and more water, so if it is completely submerged in water, it will expand to its maximum size making it much too big to fit down your drain pipes.


5. Trees and Leaves

Finally, the focus is shifted away from the house itself and onto how garden maintenance can affect your drains. A flourishing garden requires thorough maintenance, so make sure you keep your garden free from leaves and debris as these can cause major obstructions in your drain.

Further to this, tree roots are drawn to the nearest source of water and can cause the pipes to crack over time, creating blockages.


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