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The New Swirl Tap that creates a Vortex & Saves Water!

The New Swirl Tap that creates a Vortex & Saves Water!

Developments in tap design have meant that they can become the focal feature in any kitchen or bathroom, delivering on both practicality and style.


This can even be extended to the water flowing out of the tap which can be shaped to form a unique, creative design.


A concept tap that saves 15% water

A concept faucet has been recently designed by London’s Royal College of Art student, Simin Qiu which, compared with the traditional tap, saves 15% of water at the same pressure during a 60 second period.

As well as being a water-saving solution, this tap has also gained recognition for its energy-efficient qualities as a temperature can be preset so the water flow will always be the correct temperature for users. This makes it perfectly suited for public bathrooms as opposed to home use where water temperature requirements can vary significantly.

Named the Swirl, this concept tap was the recipient of 2014 iF Haier special prize student award, applauded for its innovative energy and water-saving design. When speaking about the Swirl tap, its designer Mr Qiu said: “According to my understanding, water is gentle and swirly. These two elements have been used in the creation of my work”.



The Swirl tap creates a hollow water spiral

Taking two months to design, the tap uses two spinning turbines at the head which send the water into a hollow vortex which gives the unique shape. According to Qiu:  ‘It’s a very simple design. I’ve used two turbines to create the effect, with one making the water flow clockwise and the other anticlockwise. The spiral is an organic shape water takes in nature and I wanted to recreate that.”

The hollow jet has been specially designed to be more gentle on users hands, directing the water flow at a different angle rather than in a solid line so that tap is smoother to use.This has proven to be extremely beneficial as a tap design that sends the water flowing through a swirling vortex pattern can help reduce the amount of water used by properties.

With this in mind, Qiu has said that he hopes this luxury design will become popular in hotels and homes ready to go on sale next year.

Finally, the Swirl also adds the innovation of an incorporated one-touch button at the head of the tap that will allow the water to flow, as opposed to traditional taps which use a lever, non-concussive or turning mechanism.



Stylish, creative & water saving

The overall design of the Swirl tap makes saving water stylish and creative. As it has been reported that the average household uses more than 100,000 litres of water a year, using water-saving techniques is a simple, effective way of boosting your eco-friendly credentials while saving money on energy bills. Small water-saving changes in your home can lead to big results which can transform the energy efficiency of your property.


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