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Summer Drain Maintenance – Don’t Wait Until Winter

Summer Drain Maintenance – Don’t Wait Until Winter

Going on holiday, visiting friends, having picnics and tackling gardening projects are just a few of the popular activities to enjoy over the long-awaited summer months. However, your plans can be quickly scuppered when drainage problems occur, creating blockages and nasty smells throughout your property.

Whether you are a business or a homeowner, scheduling drain maintenance during the warmer season will prepare your pipes for the cold, wet winter months. This article will serve to explain the main reasons why summer drain maintenance is so important and the action you must take to ensure the process is completed correctly.


Summer Drain Maintenance

Your drains are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs and mould, and the hotter summer temperatures only encourage such growth which can lead to very unpleasant smells and blockages. A thorough cleaning will help remove accumulations of mould and bacteria in the drains which will prevent any nasty odours from being emitted.

The summer season is the most appropriate time of the year to carry out drain maintenance so you can catch any problems while the weather and conditions are right before they escalate into serious, costly repairs.

This is particularly important if you start to notice the following signs which can indicate to a drainage problem:

  • Nasty odours
  • Slow draining sink or plug
  • Drains are starting to clog


Cleaning your Drains

When it comes to carrying out drain maintenance, most homeowners resort to using shop-bought cleaning chemicals. However, these products can actually be very detrimental to your drains and can cause more damage than good, meaning you could end up shelling out a hefty cost to pay for the repairs.

Rather than wasting money on chemical cleaning products, the best course of action to take is to contact a drainage expert who will deal with drain cleaning professionally. Scheduling this for the summer months will ensure optimal conditions for quick turnaround times, so the work is carried out safely and efficiently with minimal disruption to your property.


Leave it to the Professionals – at Express Clear!

Having your drains thoroughly cleaned will ensure the pipework in your drainage system remains in top working order for longer. Those who fail to have their drains cleaned regularly often end up with bigger problems which cost a great deal to fix. We are fully equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools to clean a drain properly, so what better time to contact us than during the summer months while the weather is warm and bright?

Here at Express Clear we offer first-rate drain repairs and unblocking services which will restore your drainage system back to a functional condition as quickly as possible. Our fully trained engineers are equipped to deal with all manner of scenarios and work quickly to identify any problems and the necessary remedial action.

If you suspect that your drain is blocked or needs to undergo repairs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today; we are always on hand to help with any enquiry.


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