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The Strangest Things Found In A Drain

The Strangest Things Found In A Drain

Just because you flush something down the loo doesn’t mean that it will never see the light of day again!


Here are just a few of the weird and wonderful things reported to have been found in drainage systems around the world.


A Live Goldfish

A little live goldfish was found washed up in Philipshill wastewater treatment works after it had presumably been flushed away by the poor creature’s callous owner. Luckily the team at the treatment works rescued the little guy and adopted him! An employee donated a tank and he continues to live happily in the office, nicknamed ‘Pooh.’


A £21k Rolex Watch

Arron Lodge, a street cleaner in Essex found a £21,000 gold Rolex watch when he was cleaning a drain in Chalkwell railway station. He handed it in to the local police station, where the owner, who had lost hope of ever seeing it again after his house had been burgled last year, was so happy to see it he gave Arron a reward for his ‘integrity.’


False Teeth

One of the most common and most strange things to be found in drains are false teeth! How their owners manage to misplace them so often, and in such an odd place will remain a mystery.


A Ferret

A drainage team routinely cleaning the drains at Nottingham Express Transit were surprised to see a little furry face pop out of one of the pipes during the tramway extension scheme. It turns out the little ferret had been lost by the owner of a local pub, and the whole site came to a halt whilst they plotted how to rescue the ferret and get him back to his owner.


A Platoon of Soldiers

An entire platoon of tiny toy soldiers washed up in a drain at Troqueer in Dumfries. The team at the works washed them off and mounted them on the wall – where they remain as a mascot.


A 4ft Snake!

One of the scariest things reported to have been found, was in a toilet in New York when a man got a nasty early morning shock when a 4-foot long snake slithered out of the bowl. It was thought to have escaped from a neighbour’s apartment, but the snake was rescued and taken to a local sanctuary.


A Badger

Badgers are a rare enough sight in the UK, so imagine the surprise of the team working at a pumping station in Drongan when a live badger popped up in the works. They had to shut down the pump while the SSPCA rescued him and he has since made a full recovery and been released back into the countryside.


An Entire Sofa

Barrie Green, an employee at Severn Trent Water in Nottingham couldn’t believe it when he climbed down a manhole only to find himself standing on an entire sofa! It had obviously not been flushed down the toilet but shoved down the manhole, and it would have taken quite a bit of determination! How this didn’t cause blocked drains remains unknown!


And Finally…

One of the most horrifying things to have been discovered in a drain was documented in a disturbing video doing the rounds online! At first, it thought to be an alien creature, but it has since been explained as a colony of pulsating sewer worms – which is actually more revolting than the thought of an alien life form!


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