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Smelly Drains: How Can You Fix Them?

Smelly Drains: How Can You Fix Them?

Bad smelling drains are a common problem in many households, and whilst their symptoms can be very unpleasant, with the correct remedial action the issue can be quickly fixed.

How to Fix Smelly Drains

Whether your property is currently suffering from smelly drains, or you want to know what action to take should this happen in the future, this article will discuss how you can combat the problem and restore your drains back to a functional condition.


What causes a Smelly Drain?

If you have noticed that the drains in your home have started to emit some bad odours, this could indicate a deeper rooted problem with your plumbing system.

Foul smells can emerge from:

  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bathroom basins
  • Outside drains

If this sounds familiar, it’s imperative that the problem is addressed as quickly as possible. From minor blockages which will take a few minutes for you to correct, to major drain issues which requires the expertise of a professional, there is a cure for every cause.


What can I do to fix the Drain?

1. Kitchen sinks

Bad smells coming from the kitchen sink are usually caused by a food blockage in the pipework. A simple way for you to tackle the problem is to pour drain unblocker solution down the plughole, leave overnight and rinse with warm water in the morning. For a more environmentally-friendly alternative, you could use white wine vinegar and baking soda and apply in the same way.

If this problem persists, you must contact a professional drainage expert as quickly as possible to restore the functionality of your drains by unblocking them.


2. Bathroom basins

When brushing your teeth or washing your hands at your bathroom basin, you may have started to notice some bad smells coming from the plughole. Similar to kitchen sinks, this usually means that there is a blockage inside the drain, typically caused by a buildup of grime, hairs or soap scum. When taking a look through the plughole yourself, try removing any visible blockages by hand or using a flexible rod to clear any accumulations from the drain.

A buildup of hairs in the trap underneath your basin can emit foul smells, so the best course of action is to dismantle the trap, remove the blockage from inside and replace the part back into its original position. You must then remember to refill the trap by pouring approximately two litres of water down the plug.


3. Outside drains

As opposed to the problems listed above, unpleasant smells from your outside drains can be much more difficult to fix. As such, you should contact a professional drainage company who can carry out a CCTV drain survey to visually inspect the drains for any blockages and seek out the source of the problem.

After detecting the fault, a drainage expert will then use the most appropriate method – such as drain jetting – to remove the blockage and clear your drains so they quickly return back to a fully functional condition. By hiring experienced professionals, you avoid causing major damage to your drains which can render them useless.


Express Clear

Here at Express Clear, we use special techniques and equipment to reach the root cause of smelly drains and ensure it is fixed as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to the rest of your property.

For expert advice or to find out more about any of our services, contact our friendly team today.


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