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Signs of Drain Problems

Signs of Drain Problems

No matter how careful you are to stay on top of all your DIY tasks and chores, it’s all too easy to neglect the things you can’t see!

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Your drainage system is one of the things you rely on most to keep your home healthy and hygienically clean, so it’s essential you keep up to date with its maintenance.


Signs of Drain Problems

There are lots of common problems that homeowners experience with their drains, and the key to keeping your drainage system functioning properly is to spot these signs early so you can take the right steps to resolve the problem.

The most common signs include:

  • Water draining away slowly
  • Problems with your toilet flush
  • Water overflowing from drains
  • Bad smells when draining water

If you notice any of these problems, even if they don’t seem too bad, it’s absolutely essential that you have them checked out by a professional drainage expert. You never know how bad the problem is behind the scenes, and if left it could easily deteriorate into something much worse.

If left for long enough, or if the problem is particularly bad, it could even result in subsidence, which could damage the structure of your property.


Drain Blockages

One of the most common causes of drain problems is a blockage. Blockages in your drainage system can easily cause all of the above problems and, if not fixed quickly, it can result in costly damage to the system and your home!

But by ensuring the correct method of disposal you can reduce the chances that your drains will get blocked. Everyday things that people flush away, such as cotton buds and nappies, and food scraps and cooking oils that get washed down the kitchen sink can easily clog up your drains. Instead, make sure these things are binned – your drains are meant for excess water only!


Do I need a professional to help?

If you simply have a blocked drain, you may not need expert assistance to dislodge the problem – there are some steps you can take for cost-effective, DIY repair. Try pouring hot water directly from the kettle into your plug hole or buying one of the many different products on the market designed to unblock drains. If the problem is more severe, you can try using a plunger to gently dislodge the blockage.

Toilets are one of the most common places for blockages, but you can hire a drain plunger to plunge the trap of your toilet pan yourself, but be aware – this can be a particularly unpleasant job!

We always recommend that you get a professional opinion, no matter how small the issue. Even if you think you have remedied the problem, you never know if you’ve overlooked something that could be causing a more serious problem elsewhere in your system.


Expert Drainage Maintenance from Express Clear

If you notice any problems at all with your drainage system, contact our expert team for assistance. If you choose a reputable company – like the team at Express Clear – you can be sure of a cost-effective service that will ensure the problem is properly diagnosed and repaired.

They have all the necessary equipment, including specialist CCTV equipment, to assess the problem, find the cause and rectify it quickly – without causing too much mess or disruption!


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