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Avoid Blocked Drains – Prevent Plumbing Blunders

Avoid Blocked Drains – Prevent Plumbing Blunders

Drains play an important role in transporting unwanted water and waste away from a property to help keep it clean. However, many homeowners often overlook the importance of caring for their drains until it is too late.

Professional drain unblocker, unblocking a drain.

Whilst it can be easy to relegate a blocked drain to the bottom of your to-do list, in actual fact this seemingly minor problem can rapidly render your toilet or sink useless.

Here, we will provide you with a few easy ways to prevent your drains from getting clogged up and reduce the risk of a plumbing emergency.


Blocked Toilets

If your toilet has started to overflow, try not to panic as there are a few simple steps you can follow to target the problem and make sure it is under control as quickly as possible.

  • 1. Turn off the Water

First and foremost, you should turn off the water supply to your toilet to stop the flow of water whilst the toilet is being fixed.


  • 2. Use a Plunger

If your toilet overflows soon after being flushed, this usually means that it is blocked. If the blockage is located in the toilet rather than the drainpipe, you could try using a toilet plunger to move the clog through the toilet.


  • 3. No luck? Call Express Clear

If the blockage does not clear after a few plunges, you should refrain from putting any more pressure on your drain as this can cause the problem to worsen. As such, make sure you call a drain professional who will quickly fix the problem for an affordable price.

If your toilet overflows even when it hasn’t been flushed, make sure you check if there is a clog in the main drain/sewer by running the water from another fixture – such as your shower – and seeing whether the water comes out of your toilet bowl. If this is the case, it’s most likely that there is a problem with the main drain pipe which is preventing the water from draining properly, rather than your toilet.


Blockage in the Main Drain or Sewer

If it seems as though your main drain or sewer is clogged, you must contact a drain professional as quickly as possible, as specialist equipment will be required to unblock the pipe. Here at Express Clear, we use a variety of techniques, such as drain jetting, to clear away any debris and blockages which are affecting the efficiency of your drains.


Blockage in lhe Local Sewer System

It’s also worth noting that the problem is not always due to a blockage in your drainage system. If you are part of the local sewer system, there’s a strong possibility that there is a blockage in this system which is affecting many homes within the local area.

As stated in one of our previous articles: Who is Responsible for Sewer Pipes?, if a public sewer is blocked, the responsibility lies with a statutory water and sewer company who will clear the pipe for you.


Express Clear

If you are searching for expert drain unblocking services, Express Clear can help! Contact our expert team today!

We use state-of-the-art equipment and specialist techniques to remove any debris or blockages from your drains to restore them back to a fully functional state as quickly as possible.


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