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What Plumbers Do VS What Drain Contractors Do

CCTV Drain Survey

When homeowners experience a fault with their plumbing or drainage system, many are left wondering what action they need to take to rectify the issue. Whether your home is experiencing a blocked drain or a leaky tap, you may be left questioning, “what do plumbers do that is different to drain contractors?” This article will serve to explain the difference between drain contractors and plumbers, so you can make an informed decision before getting in touch with anyone.

Wastewater: The Drainage Experts’ Forte

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, if your drains have started emitting nasty smells or your bath is taking a while to empty, your property is probably suffering from blocked drains. Although these symptoms are noticeable inside your home, the root cause is often found in your drainage pipes underneath your property.


If your drains need unblocking, replacing and relining, or have burst, you will need to call upon the expertise of a drainage specialist to rectify the issue. Alternatively, plumbing services are required when there is a problem with water entering a property, such as dripping taps, leaking toilets or internal pipe leaks.


Monitoring & Surveillance: A Job For The Drainage Contractors’ Eyes

Not only can drainage experts carry out the necessary repairs after a drainage problem has occurred, but they can also use innovative technology to prevent them happening in the first place.


As explained in one of our previous articles, drainage specialists can carry out CCTV drain surveys by inserting specially designed CCTV cameras down the drains to check their condition. From blockages to rodent problems, CCTV drainage technology provides access to hard to reach areas to identify any type of problem so no stone is left unturned.


Foul Waste Removal

If your property uses a septic tank to contain your foul waste, it must be emptied regularly for health purposes. How often the tank is emptied depends on:

  • Its size
  • How much waste it can hold
  • The number of people in your household

As opposed to plumbing experts who focus on fixing problems with water entering your home, drainage experts are specially trained in removing foul waste from your premises as carefully and hygienically as possible. In turn, this will keep your septic tank in top working order and improving its functionality, whilst reducing the risk of blocks or overflowing drains.


Drain Contractors: Sewer Pipe Specialists


contractor repairing drainFaulty sewer pipes on your property are not only a nuisance for you, but they can also affect nearby properties. To prevent any major damage or serious health hazards, it’s imperative to get in touch with a drainage expert immediately, rather than a plumber as they don’t usually carry out work on sewer pipes.

What To Take Away: Plumbers vs Drain Contractors

In summary, if your home is suffering from problems with its water supply, you require the expertise of a fully qualified plumber. However, if you need help with foul waste and sewage disposal at your property, you will need to get in touch with a professional drainage company.



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