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Guide: Oh Rats! There’s Rats in my Drain! – How to get rid of Rats

Guide: Oh Rats! There’s Rats in my Drain! – How to get rid of Rats

Whilst your drainage system plays an important role in leading a functional home, if your drains have been improperly installed or have become damaged they can provide rats with an easy entry point into your home.

It only takes a small hole in your drain for a rat to squeeze through, and once you have an infestation inside your property, it can be a very difficult problem to get rid of.

As such, it’s important to check that your drains are in top working order to protect you and your property from an invasion of pests carrying disease.

Rat in a drain pipe

Here, we will explain how you can identify a rat infestation, what action to take should your drains be suffering from rats, and the prevention methods you can put in place to protect your drains from a rat infestation in the future.


Identify infestation

Fortunately, when identifying whether your property is suffering from a rat infestation, the signs are clear. Symptoms include:

  • Chewed paper, food packaging, electric cables, wood and plastic
  • Rat droppings
  • Holes gnawed through walls
  • Scratching or scrabbling sounds under floors or in walls
  • Nests

If you have thoroughly checked your entire property – particularly your loft or basement – and are still noticing signs of a rat infestation, chances are this pesky rodent is entering through your drainage system.


Remedial action

If you have discovered a rat infestation in your home, you must try not to panic. Get in touch with a pest control expert who can eliminate the problem quickly and efficiently, and can take steps to prevent it from happening again. A CCTV inspection will help to locate how the rats are getting into your drains, so you can determine where their entry point is.

At Clearfirst, we use specialist CCTV equipment to gain access to otherwise hard-to-reach areas inside the pipework. As such, our experts will be able to locate any damage where the rats are gaining entry, and will make the necessary repairs so your drains are in good working condition.

Not only that, our sister company, Clearfirst Pest Control, deals with rodent control specifically, and can eradicate any rat infestations in your property.


Preventative measures

Whether your drains have suffered from a rat infestation in the past, or you want to protect your property against it happening in the future, it’s recommended you carry out the following preventative measures:


Professional help from ClearFirst Drainage

ClearFirst Drainage are here to handle all your drainage needs. We perform a range of drain repair services to resolve major and minor issues – including collapsed drains. Our team of experts will discuss your issue with you, before tailoring a solution to suit your needs, providing a rapid response service when necessary. For more information on our services, contact us today.


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