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Is Flooding likely to become a Common Occurrence in the UK?

Is Flooding likely to become a Common Occurrence in the UK?

Fish and Chips, the Royal Family and the Beatles… Our country has become famous for countless things over the years, most of which make us proud to be British.

car half submerged in flooded street

However, with wet summers, spring showers and flooded winters, our bleak weather has become something we are less than pleased about being known for. While many accept it as just being typical British weather, this article serves to explain the real dangers of such extreme rainfall, which appears to be getting more and more common.

Flooding is not a new occurrence in Britain, with major floods being documented throughout history. But with predictions of climate change suggesting such water overflow may become common, calls for stricter prevention measures have been voiced to stop such devastation from happening again.


Floods of February 2014

In February of 2014, the UK was very severely affected by widespread persistent flooding causing serious coastal and household damage. It was exceptional in its duration and was announced as the wettest December to January period in the UK since records began. Significantly heavy rains, strong winds and high waves majorly affected individuals, businesses and infrastructure throughout the country.

Recent studies have shown that extreme daily rainfall rates are becoming more intense and that this rate is consistent with what is expected from global warming. While it seems like flooding is expected to become a common occurrence in the UK, making sure suitable preparation methods are in place is vitally important to save homes, businesses and even lives.

Most floods take hours or even days to develop, giving residents a sufficient amount of time to prepare or evacuate, however others develop quickly and with little warning. These flash floods are typically extremely dangerous, causing total destruction and wiping out anything in its path.

Poorly equipped structures such as houses and bridges are no match for the water’s power and the erosive force of the moving water can pull dirt from under a building’s foundation, causing it to crack and fall.


Flood Prevention

To cut the risk of future flooding and the immense damage it can cause, a few prevention ideas have been put forward:

  • Fitting sustainable drainage systems on new and existing buildings
  • Unprotected buildings, structures and land should be made to withstand flooding
  • All new housing on flood plains must be resilient when built
  • Use of forestry and land management as natural barriers
  • River dredging to reduce high volumes of water


Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

For our recent bout of flooding at the beginning of the year, dredging was a common excavation method to increase river capacity and carry higher volumes of water downstream. In urban areas made up of concrete and tarmac, sustainable drainage is an effective way of coping with flash flooding after a sudden downpour of rain. Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) have been designed to provide better chances for water drainage without overwhelming our traditional drain system.

SUDS provide an environmentally friendly solution to drain away water through collection, storage and cleaning. It is then released slowly back into the environment through natural watercourses, such as rivers and streams.

As it looks as though flooding is likely to become a common occurrence in the UK, drainage methods such as dredging and sustainable drainage systems are effective ways of coping with such extreme weather and minimising the devastation it can cause.


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