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Drains: Flooding and Prevention

Drains: Flooding and Prevention

As seen by the recent devastation caused by Storm Desmond, home flooding can have a devastating effect on homeowners throughout the UK, as valuable belongings, as well as the property itself, can be instantly destroyed. Not only is natural flooding one of the main causes of home flooding, drainage problems can also cause severe damage to your home.

Storm drain overflowing

The good news is, this can be easily prevented if the correct action is taken, which is why our experts at ClearFirst have compiled a list of a few handy tips to help prevent the risk of home flooding caused by drainage problems.


Regular drain inspections

In most instances, drain flooding is not a sudden problem. There are a few tell-tale signs which indicate that your drains are not working efficiently and, if left unaddressed, this can escalate into major drain flooding. One of the main symptoms to look out for is water draining slowly in showers, baths or sinks as this suggests a buildup of food, debris or scum inside the drains.

Regular inspections of the drains in your home will detect any blockages and potential causes of flooding, ensuring your drains remain in full working order. The specially designed cameras used for CCTV drain surveys offer a thorough inspection inside drains, gaining access to those hard-to-reach areas to ensure any problems are quickly detected.


Use a strainer on drain holes

Putting the correct preventative measures in place can help save you a considerable amount of stress and money in the long run. Plug hole strainers are a low-cost, effective way of stopping any solid material such as food, hair and soap scum from going down your drain.

When used properly, you will see a significant change in the efficiency of your drains, as the strainer will catch any solid materials before they can form a blockage inside your drain.


Regular drain cleaning

Whether you use branded drain unblocker products or your own homemade concoction, cleaning your drains frequently will help keep them free from any buildup or blockages.

Hiring the expertise of a qualified engineer is one of the most effective ways of reducing the chance of drain flooding. Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, professional drainage companies can ensure your drains maintain full functionality through their drain cleaning services.

ClearFirst Drainage

To prevent drain flooding from occurring, here at ClearFirst we offer a comprehensive range of drain cleaning services.

We have the skills and experience to carry out thorough inspections of the inside of your drains, and will take the relevant remedial action to ensure reliable use for many years to come. If you are searching for expert CCTV drain surveys, drain cleaning or drain inspections in Derby, simply contact our friendly team today.

We are always on hand to offer professional advice or to arrange a survey at a time convenient for you.


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