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Drainage Problems, Their Symptoms & Their Solutions

Drainage Problems, Their Symptoms & Their Solutions

Drainage problems and issues can come in a variety of forms, all requiring different levels of skill to fix. Research shows that on average a homeowner will need a drainage contractor every three years, which shows the regularity that things can go wrong in your home. You may even need to contact a drainage contractor more regularly, depending on the quality of your plumbing system and what you discard down your drains.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most common drainage problems and solutions that many homeowners will come across. Common drainage problems include:

Smelly drains

drainage problems - smelly drains in kitchen

Symptoms: Persistent unpleasant smells coming from either inside or outside your property.

Solution: There are many different reasons as to why your drains are starting to smell, and it should be addressed as soon as possible. Hiring a professional drainage contractor means they will be able to identify the source of the smell and rectify the issue quickly. The most common source of the smell will come from a leak or blockage in one of the pipes, which a drainage contractor will be able to fix at varying speeds – depending on the extent of the issue.

Blocked drains

drainage problems - blocked drain in bath

Symptoms: Places like your shower, bathroom and kitchen sinks are prone to being blocked sometimes, as hair and oils can get stuck in the filters. This makes it difficult for water to pass through, blocking its exit.

Solution: Attempt removing the bulk of the clog yourself with specific products tailored to your issue, but if the problem persists call a drainage company.

Slow drains

slow draining

Symptoms: Toilets may be taking longer to flush, sinks aren’t draining like normal and your shower constantly floods; these are all signs of a slow drain, which can be an increasingly frustrating problem if not fixed.

Solution: You should hire a professional drainage company in order to prevent further problems, as this is likely to be an issue that needs a higher level of skill to fix.

Collapsed drains

collapsed drain

Symptoms: You can smell a foul odour around your property, as the wastewater isn’t being disposed of properly and is seeping out into the surrounding areas. This can create other issues, such as sinkholes in your garden and damp spreading through the interior of your property.

Solution: If you suspect a collapsed pipe, then call a drainage professional immediately. The quicker the drainage solution is carried out, the less likely damage will be inflicted on your property.

Pests in drains

pests in drain

Symptoms: Unfortunately, there are some pests that thrive in our drainage systems, feeding off our waste and multiplying at an alarming rate. Rats and insects, such as cockroaches, fruit flies, drain flies and phorid flies, thrive on our drainage systems, entering our homes and eating our food.

Solution: There are a variety of cleaning products on the market which can help you remove these pests from your home, but these won’t be effective on large scale infestations. If you suspect you have an extensive pest problem, we highly recommend hiring a professional drainage contractor so they can inspect your property and recommend some solutions.

Cracked drains

cracked drain

Symptoms: Cracks can occur on pipes after excessive wear. Most often, cracks appear on the joints of a pipeline and leak waste water into the surrounding area, causing issues such as sinkholes and an unpleasant smell.

Solution: If you suspect you have a crack in your drainage pipes, please get in touch with a drainage professional immediately, as leaving this issue to fester over a long period of time will cause detrimental environmental issues.

Root intrusions

drain root intrusion

Symptoms: Roots growing into drains is a common problem, especially for those who have a lot of trees on their property. Roots can easily penetrate defective pipework, as the water and oxygen attracts them, often entering the drainage system through joints in the drainage pipework. This means water will seep out and cause sinkholes in your garden and inhibit proper drainage.

Solution: For removing roots, professionals will use a variety of techniques, which include using high pressure water jets, or sawing through roots to remove them from the pipelines. It is likely that sections of pipes will need replacing and roots will need cutting back considerably.


cat in a flooded kitchen

Symptoms: Water where it shouldn’t be! Flooding in your home can cause extensive damage to your floors, ceilings and walls, as the cost of repair continues to rise the longer you wait to call a drainage company.

Solution: Call your local drainage professional immediately to limit the amount of damage caused to your home. A flooded house can cause a multitude of issues, all of which are expensive to fix.

Frozen pipes

frozen pipes in kitchen

Symptoms: If it’s particularly cold outside and your taps aren’t working, it’s likely that the pipes are frozen. Turning the tap on will increase the pressure and possibly cause cracks.

Solution: If you can easily access the pipes, then try blowing a hot hair dryer onto the pipe to defrost it, but if the pipe has cracked, you will have to get this fixed or even replaced by a professional plumber or drainage contractor.

See the full drainage problems infographic here.

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