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DIY Drain Jetting – Can I? Should I?

DIY Drain Jetting – Can I? Should I?

Drain jetting is the most effective method of clearing a persistently blocked drain, and it involves the use of a high pressure jet of water to remove the blockage. In most cases, a blocked drain is caused by a build-up of waste material, usually including fat, grease or limescale, all of which are common substances in a household.

How does drain jetting work

Fat and grease will frequently be disposed of down the sink, and from there they will make their way into the drains. Over time, this will build up and prevent water from flowing easily down the drain. A high pressure jet should be sufficient, when correctly applied, to clear these deposits. Ideally, fat should not be disposed of in this manner.


Can I clear my drains with a power washer?

If you have a pressure washer, it may be possible to carry out drain jetting yourself, particularly if the blockage is near to the drain access point. However, domestic water jets are not as powerful as those used by a professional drain company, so even if you can see the blockage, you may find that a DIY approach is simply not sufficient to clear it. In cases such as these, calling in a professional is the best way to sort out the problem quickly.


Safe As Houses?

Safety is always considered first by any drain clearing professional, to avoid injury to you and anyone else in the area, and also to prevent damage to the property. A safety perimeter will be set up, to avoid people getting too close to the open drain, as a fall could result in injuries such as broken bones. Once this has been established, a CCTV camera will be used to view the entire length of the affected drain, to assess the location and extent of the blockage.

This will also identify problems that you would not otherwise be able to see, since it requires the use of specialist equipment. It is possible that your drain actually has several blockages, which are collectively leading to problems with the water flow. This is something that would be difficult to diagnose without the CCTV camera, and even if you have successfully cleared one area, it may not solve your problem.


Know Your Roots

The jets that will be used by the company are also much more powerful than those available on the general market, which means that clearing stubborn blockages of fat and grease will be much easier, but if the problem is caused by tree roots growing into the drain, this can also be addressed.

Tree roots can often grow into the drain and reduce the volume of water that is able to flow. Removing this section of the plant is often necessary, but will be almost impossible to achieve using DIY methods. The powerful jets of water can also clear a build-up that has developed in the bends of the pipes, which would otherwise be difficult to address.


Still Struggling?

If you have been spending a considerable amount of time trying to keep your drains clear, and are still experiencing persistent or recurrent blockages, then it is likely that you will need to call in a professional. This will allow much better access to the drains, in a safe and controlled manner, as this is often a major difficulty for people attempting a DIY repair.

Experience in drain jetting is also extremely important in being able to correctly diagnose and address the problem, as it may be the case that the blockage is in one of your pipes, rather than the drain itself, which means that a different approach is required.

Express Clear are hugely experienced and have all the professional equipment necessary to correctly diagnose any drainage problems, assess if drain jetting is necessary and restore them to full working order, if so. It’s easier, more convenient and more effective to call in a professional that to get your hands dirty attempting it yourself. Contact an expert at Express Clear today for a quote.


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