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Dealing with Structural Damage to your Drain

Dealing with Structural Damage to your Drain

While a cheap drainage installation may seem tempting, chances are the low price will reflect a low quality of work, leaving you to rectify the damage. For a good quality, fully functioning drainage system, all components must operate efficiently; if one part fails, it can put the entire system in jeopardy.

causes of drain damage

This article will explain how you can deal with structural damage to your drain and what remedial action you need to take should your drains be suffering.


Tree Roots can cause Damage if left untreated

Planting trees in your garden will instantly add beauty and shade to the landscape, delivering on both functionality and style. However, many are unaware of the major structural damage the roots can cause to the drains underneath their garden…

Tree roots are drawn to the nearest source of water, making drains the ideal environment for them to thrive in. However, as these roots grow inside your drains, the pressure will cause the pipes to crack which can create major blockages within the system. These accumulations are often made worse by the buildup of household fats, oils, autumn leaves and other discarded debris from your home.

To prevent this from happening, we advise you check where you are planning to position your trees in your garden before you proceed with planting. As your drains are buried out of sight, an expert drainage company will have the skills and equipment to locate your drains so you can avoid any potential problems before it’s too late.


Don’t ignore Blocked Drains

As discussed in one of our previous posts, nasty smells, gurgling noises from the plug hole and slow water drainage in your bath can be an indication of blocked drains. The longer this problem is ignored, the worse it will become, causing major structural damage and costly drain repairs.

This problem can be easily avoided by simply checking what you are putting down your plug holes.

The top 5 causes of blocked drains are:

  • Grease and fat
  • Hair
  • Foreign objects
  • Toiletries
  • Tree roots and leaves

To help prevent any blockages forming in your drains, be wary about what you are flushing down your plugs and schedule in regular maintenance checks with an expert drainage company. That way, you can catch the problem before it escalates into a larger, more costly issue.


Express Clear

When it comes to drain repairs, enlisting the help of an expert drainage company will ensure the task is handled with complete care and safety. Here at Express Clear, our fully qualified engineers provide a thorough drain repairs service.

From the initial contact and identifying the cause of the problem, through to an in-depth survey of the drain and the repair work itself, we are on hand every step of the process for a service which is second to none. Simply get in touch with our expert team today to find out more.


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