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Could the Pung-too toilet unblocker be the new plunger?

Could the Pung-too toilet unblocker be the new plunger?

A clogged toilet can prove to be an embarrassing and difficult situation to rectify, leaving many reaching for the plunger or drain unblocker products in a desperate panic!

Despite being the ideal solution for blocked sinks, drain cleaning products available on the market are usually unsuitable for toilet clogs as the chemicals can damage the bowl, and most are unable to actually reach the clog itself due to the toilet’s design.


The new plunger?

In an attempt to find the ideal sanitary solution for all toilet clogging problems, an inventor in South Korea has created a new product to unblock toilets, which has been hailed the greatest plumbing invention since the plunger. The ‘Pung-too’ consists of a plastic film cover placed over the toilet seat which utilises pressure generated from the user pressing on the lid to unclog the plumbing.

It may sound simple enough, but it has taken inventor Seung-il Kim two years to develop a special adhesive that will withstand the pressure and work on a ceramic surface. Kim has pioneered this product from the initial idea through to its actual construction, with truly outstanding results.

The video demonstration of the product posted on YouTube has since gone viral with nearly 3 million views worldwide, prompting contact from interested vendors overseas in a bid to make this product a global phenomenon.


Will it come to the UK soon?

Even though the Pung-too has yet to gain publicity in the UK, its ever-growing popularity means it probably won’t be long before it is tested out here too. Until then, unblocking your toilet at home can be a challenging and messy task, which is why it is worth calling in the professionals for expert and efficient toilet and drain unblocking services.

Kitchen waste, hygiene products and collapses in the drain can all cause clogged drains which can be a time consuming and stressful problem to resolve. Seeking specialist advice is the first step to dealing with any drain blockage issues, so you don’t need to worry about digging out the plunger and marigolds for often disappointing results!

Blocked drains can rapidly become a dirty and hazardous issue which can end up affecting your entire home. The techniques used by professionals to treat and clean drains have proven to be extremely effective for long-lasting results, preventing unwanted problems cropping up in the near future.


Express Clear

Here at Express Clear, we offer a comprehensive range of drain unblocking services to resolve any related problem quickly and effectively. Our specialist equipment and high standards of care mean we have the expertise to complete the job efficiently with minimal disruption.

We provide first-class services at unrivalled rates, ensuring reliable and prompt appointments so your drains will be fully functioning again in no time.

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