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Our Drain Survey Process – ClearFirst Drainage

Our Drain Survey Process – ClearFirst Drainage

what is our drain survey process?


CCTV Drain Survey Process

Drainage issues can be frustrating and disruptive to any household and what makes it worse is not knowing what the problem is, where it is coming from and just how severe it might be. Sometimes, even after a drain has been unblocked or cleaned, issues can persist, the root cause of the issue remaining undetected – sometimes for vast stretches of time.

To get to the heart of the problem and ensure the issue can receive a focused treatment, a CCTV drain survey is by far the best solution. But, how exactly does a CCTV drain survey work?


What is the drain survey process?

  • Step 1: Call the experts at ClearFirst Drainage

Call a drainage contractor to discuss your issue and arrange a home visit so a survey can be performed.


  • Step 2: Tell us about your problem

At the allotted appointment time, your engineer will arrive to discuss your drainage problem before setting up to initiate the survey of your drainage system.


  • Step 3: Look for the cause of the problem

Your engineer will gain access to your drains and will insert the drainage camera into the system. The high-tech camera feeds back a detailed live video feed to the engineer, who can monitor it in real time to gain a clear and in depth understanding of the current condition of your drains.


  • Step 4: Identify the problem

The survey will record your drainage system and that recording will be used by the engineer to create a report on the condition of your drains. Ideally, the cause of your issues will be clearly identified from the footage, along with any other issues of note, such as leaks, damage, blockages, collapses etc.

From there, the engineer will provide you with extensive feedback of the survey, including any suggested actions to take, how much work would need to be done to your drains and what might occur in the future should no action be taken.


  • Step 5: Fix the problem

You will be issued a copy of the report so you can understand precisely what is wrong with your drains and make a fully informed decision. You will then have the option to act on the engineer’s suggestions or await a followup to discuss your options and make clear whether or not you wish to take further steps in order to resolve the issue.


ClearFirst Drainage

If you want a drain survey, or need a drainage expert to come and fix a problem with your drains, contact our team today to get a quote.


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