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CCTV Drain Surveys – What do you get for your money?

CCTV Drain Surveys – What do you get for your money?

A problem with your drainage system can be notoriously difficult to diagnose because of the restricted access, and traditionally any problems that couldn’t be resolved with jetting or rodding would result in the whole drain having to be completely excavated.

Clearfirst technician checking footage during drain survey

This is not only a costly and time consuming way to find out the cause of a problem, it is unpleasant and disruptive, and will often leave your home, garden or driveway ruined.

There is another way though – CCTV Drain Surveys. A small, flexible camera is inserted into your drains through a gully where it can travel through the pipework directly to the fault. The footage is fed back so it can be viewed by drainage experts, and the problem effectively diagnosed, all without any damage to your property or pipes.

Drainage surveys are the best possible way of finding the cause of a problem. Whether you’re having problems with slow drainage, waste water coming back up your drains, or even persistent bad smells, a CCTV drainage survey will uncover the cause of the problem in no time.


Cracked and Broken Drain Pipe:



Blocked Drain:



A CCTV drain survey enables you to see any drain faults, blockages or deterioration for yourself, and your drainage company will be able to locate the exact area where the fault lies, allowing them to provide you with a comprehensive quotation for the repair.

You may still require minor excavation works to resolve the problem, but you can rest assured that the works will be minimal and in exactly the right location for an effective repair to be carried out, leaving less mess and reducing the disruption to your home.

The benefits of a CCTV survey far outweigh those of traditional fault-finding methods, making it a much more cost-effective, reliable and effective way to discover the location and type of fault your engineers will have to resolve.


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For any more information about the benefits of a CCTV drain survey, contact Express Clear. With years of experience, you can rely on them to provide the most suitable solution to any problem.


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