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Blocked Drain Sources

Blocked Drain Sources

When it works correctly, the drainage system in your home efficiently carries away wastewater from multiple sources. No-fuss, no complications. However, drainage pipes can become blocked.

blocked drains

While not completely unavoidable, most blockages are preventable. A large part of this is understanding the common sources of drain clogs in the home.



Most wastewater will be taken from the bathroom, so it’s no surprise that the highest risk of a blockage will come from here. The toilet, sink, bathtub and shower all see constant use so it’s important to keep them well maintained.

The most common source of bathroom blockages include:

  • Hair
  • Toiletries – When sanitary items are flushed down the loo they don’t break apart in the water. Instead, they’ll mix in with grime in the pipes and build up into a blockage.
  • Foreign objects – Anything from small toys to miscellaneous un-flushable objects can easily become clogged in household pipes.

Watch what you flush, and regularly clean your pipes to limit buildup of soap scum and general dirt.



Pouring cooking oils, food waste and fat down the kitchen sink can easily create thick blockages down the line. You might not think much of mixing in some washing up liquid to pour easily down the drain, but the fact is that grease and cooking waste is a prime culprit of major drain blockages.

Some of the nastiest fatbergs are a result of households using the kitchen sink as a catch-all for food waste and fat, so make sure to dispose of solid waste in the bin before getting to work on the dishes and cooking equipment.

Regularly cleaning a kitchen sink drain will also help to prevent it from becoming clogged. Pour down warm soapy water with a bit of bleach mixed in every now and then to eat away at minor buildups.



Exterior pipe blockages can be a hassle to deal with. It might take you a while to even notice that something’s wrong – keep a nose out for telltale sewage smells coming from your drain cover.

While remains from the inside can eventually lead to blocked outside pipes, other causes may also come into play. Leaves and tree roots, for example, can cause pipes to become severely clogged – and in some cases damaged. When this occurs, you’ll need to enlist a drainage company to carry out a CCTV survey, to discover the extent of the blockage. From there, repair work or drain unblocking can be carried out as necessary.


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Whatever blocked pipe problems you’re facing, you can rely on Express Clear to lend a hand. We carry out a range of drainage services to restore full functionality of your household drainage system. If youre experiencing major or minor blockages, get in touch with us for a prompt and professional service our friendly team is happy to help.


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