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What happens when water goes down the drain?

11th February 2019

Water is something we often take for granted. We turn on our taps and it’s there, as always, ready to…

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Top Water Saving Tips and Advice for Homeowners

9th June 2015

In these climate conscious times, more and more homeowners are choosing to run a more energy efficient property. The top…

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What Is In Water? From Chlorine to Fluoride

31st March 2015

There’s nothing better than a tall glass of crystal clear water to quench a desperate thirst, but what is in water?…

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Flooding Likely To Become A Common Occurrence in the UK

19th June 2014

Fish and Chips, the Royal Family and the Beatles… Our country has become famous for countless things over the years,…

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From Bathroom Drain to Food Chain: The Problems of Cosmetic Microbeads

25th April 2014

Thousands of beauty items currently available on the market contain tiny particles of plastic referred to as ‘microbeads’, popular for…

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Can Your Drains Survive The Next Flash Flood?

2nd November 2012

What is a Flash Flood? A flash flood is where water accumulates quicker that is can be absorbed into the…

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