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Drainage Industry

Are Drain Flies Harmful?

19th October 2021

Not only can they be annoying, but flies in your home can be unhygienic. Common in bathrooms, drain flies can…

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Different Types of Drains & Pipes

25th April 2019

With so many different types of drains and pipes, it can be hard to know what it is you’re working…

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Augmented Reality and Underground Utilities

1st June 2018

When you think of drains, sewers or underground pipe networks, you almost certainly don’t think of cutting-edge technology or computer-generated…

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What’s Involved in a CCTV Drain Survey?

17th April 2018

In order to maintain and prolong the condition of your drains, it helps to know exactly what's going on in…

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Who is Responsible for Drains and Sewers on My Property?

9th March 2018

The drainage system serving and surrounding your household can be prone to various one-off or recurring issues. When these problems…

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Plumbers vs Drainage Contractors: What do they do?

24th January 2017

When homeowners experience a fault with their plumbing or drainage system, many are left wondering what action they need to…

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Exploring the Technology behind a CCTV Drain Survey

24th November 2016

In recent years, the world has seen some major technological advancements in a wide range of sectors, and the drainage…

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What Can Go Wrong With Drainage?

25th October 2016

A drainage problem is one of the biggest issues a homeowner can experience; if the problem is left unaddressed for…

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Drainage Glossary: Key Drainage Phrases

28th September 2016

When having any work carried out at your property, explaining exactly what needs to be done can prove to be…

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Get a grip on your Pipes – Drainage Pipe Materials

31st May 2016

Hidden away beneath gardens or driveways, it can be easy for homeowners to overlook the importance of their drainage system.…

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A Short History of Drainage

21st February 2016

Whilst those in the plumbing industry appreciate the importance and intricacy of a drainage system, for the rest of us…

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Who holds the Responsibility for Sewer Pipes?

28th September 2015

When it comes to blocked drains, many property owners are unsure whether it is their responsibility or that of the…

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