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Drain Cleaning

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Drain Cleaning

As experts in drainage, ClearFirst Drainage are well equipped to offer a variety of drain services. All of our engineers are friendly, trained and draw on years of experience providing drain services.

Drain Cleaning

The methods we use:

  • Drain Jetting / High Pressure Water Jetting We offer affordable drain jetting, with prompt call out times throughout the region.
  • Rodding A traditional method of drain cleaning, rodding involves our drainage engineers fixing together rods according to the the depth and length of the drain. This is then inserted into the drain with one of many attachments on the end cleaning the pipe work. This type of drain cleaning is often more preferable when pipe work is older and more fragile, requiring more care.
  • Camera / CCTV Drain Surveys CCTV drain surveys are used to visually inspect the condition of drains. Often required before the purchase of a property or just for fault finding, a drainage engineer will write up a report which is presented to the client. These reports are clear and precise, they contain no industry specific, drain jargon. A schematic diagram and DVD are also provided as part of our CCTV drain survey results.
  • Root Cutting Drain surveys carried out by our engineers can reveal if tree and plant roots have penetrated the pipe. In response, these can be removed using a cutter attached to a jetting hose. The drainage engineer may then follow up the root cutting with a lining repair. This provides protection by sealing existent holes whilst also blocking the roots from penetrating again.
  • Dye Testing This is used to check for leaks in your drainage system and water ingress. A non-toxic colour dye is put into the drains and will highlight where the leak is coming from. It is also used the check the flow of drainage systems.
  • Drain Tracing To locate sections of pipe work from above ground.
  • High Pressure Gas Portable solution for unblocking toilets, sinks, showers, baths, etc.

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